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This week on Sega Addicts, the mysterious Pocky X joins us in discussing Super Fantasy Zone for the Mega Drive!  We talk about what we like to do in games when we're in a bad mood, share our New Years' resolutions, and recount our favorite pieces of video game merch we own.  Here's to another great year of addiction!  (It's taking over our lives- send help!)

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This week on Sega Addicts, Nick’s back, and just in time to play the ultimate Christmas-related game… Die Hard Arcade? We discuss the best game-related gifts we’ve given and received, talk about Star Wars probably a bit too much (Thanks, Tom!) and share our least favorite holiday songs. Turns out we’re all a bunch of Scrooges that hate Christmas music. Baby Jesus would be so sad.

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This week on Sega Addicts, we play our first Master System game for the podcast, Poseidon Wars 3D!  We discuss memorable first moments in games, talk about our favorite shitty games, and receive the question that gets @ProfSegaface blocked indefinitely.  Hail tsundere Satan!


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This week on Sega Addicts, we discuss literally everyone's favorite Sonic game ever made, shadOW THE hEDGEhog!  We talk about moments that were supposed to be tragic in video games that we couldn't help but laugh at and share our favorite ways to kill time at work with special guests @TheStevieGrant and @ThePockyX!

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This week on Sega Addicts, we discuss one of Sonic's most beloved (?) adventures- Sonic Heroes!  We discuss seemingly small changes that would greatly improve characters we hate, get roped into Food Addicts just as much as every other week, and share our musical guilty pleasures with special guest @Hakensann! 

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This week on Sega Addicts, we discuss an obscure arcade title that has no business being so hype, A.B. Cop!  We talk about what makes a game timeless, let Tom try to suck us into Food Addicts, (again) and debate the war on butt stuff.  When's the butt stuff vs. no butt stuff Splatfest, Nintendo?!  #SegaDoes 

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This week on Sega Addicts, we discuss a game that most people probably weren't even aware that Sega published, Gungrave! (I know I sure didn't)  We talk about video game endings that do or don't combine crescendo and catharsis well, spend way too long arguing about censorship in video games because of Street Fighter V, and share things we've had other people share with us that we got instantly hooked on.

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This week on Sega Addicts, we discuss probably one of the most overlooked Marvel games, The Punisher for Sega Genesis.  We discuss whether or not we prefer a character having a preexisting backstory or their story fleshing out as we go along, answer a whole slew of silly questions, and discuss our tactics for falling asleep.  Tune in next week for more health and beauty tips from the beautiful people here at Sega Addicts!

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This week on Sega Addicts, we discuss a rather well-beloved game perfect for this time of year, Zombies Ate My Neighbors!  We discuss our plans for the upcoming holiday and share some pretty neat ideas on what merchandise could have drawn more attention to our favorite Sega titles.  When are you hiring us for PR, Sega?!

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This week on Sega Addicts, we discuss the most finely-tuned game of our time, Condemned 2. (God help us)  We discuss whether we find execution or originality more important in gameplay and story, talk about our favorite things to consume while playing games, and share our self-diagnosed most unpopular gaming opinions.  Good times all around! 

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This week on Sega Addicts, we have our last meeting of Wei Shen Motherfuckers Anonymous and wrap up our discussion of Sleeping Dogs!  We discuss aspects of a game that spook us the best, descend into our weekly stint as Food Addicts, and get a good laugh out of more Sonic Boom news.  Oh, Sonic Boom.  You never fail to remind us that there are no heroes left in man.

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Don't have time to read a review or just plain don't care for reading that much these days?  Not to worry!  Elle N. Degenerate reads you her review of Lost Dimension so you don't have to.

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This week on Sega Addicts, we spend an absurd amount of time discussing the totally-Sega-related game of the week, Sleeping Dogs!  We talk briefly on how we'd go about making an anti-hero protagonist in a game, share our weirdest game buying experiences, and let Tom coerce us into talking about food again.  One of these days, we'll resist the call.

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This week on Sega Addicts, we discuss Scotty's favorite game of all time, Zero Tolerance!  We discuss instances where we've rooted against the main character in games and let Tom turn us into Food Addicts again, even if just for a little while.

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This week on Sega Addicts, we discuss Miku's newest game in the west, Project Mirai DX for the 3DS.  We speculate on why we tend to be ok with video game remakes but hate movie remakes, spend some time talking about Metal Gear Solid V by request with special guest @ProfSegaface, and get a bit irrationally angry about Alvin and the Chipmunks.  Seriously, fuck the Chipmunks.

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This week on Sega Addicts, we have kind of a chill week with special guest Sparky, (@Sparky_Tini) the grand prize winner from the recent Dreamless Dreamcast marathon!  We talk about features and events in games that make us happy, discuss our most awkward bathroom stories, and share how we first discovered porn/hentai.  Most importantly, we resisted the urge to devolve into Food Addicts this week.  Good job, team!  You deserve some R&R.

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This week on Sega Addicts, we discuss the much-anticipated upcoming Dreamless Dreamcast marathon coming up later this week!  We talk about our dream game, franchise, or console combinations and discuss how to deal with people not remembering your name that should.  We're all super-excited about the marathon this weekend, and we hope you'll all join us for that as well!  Thanks so much to everyone who helped make it possible.

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This week on Sega Addicts, we discuss a well-beloved Disney game, Castle of Illusion for the Genesis!  We discuss game design options in helping a player navigate their surroundings, talk about some of the dumbest stuff we've done in games for the hell of it, and make sure Nick knows he's never going to live this episode down. 

We hope everyone is excited for the annual Dreamless Dreamcast Marathon starting September 5th at 7 am EST at!  Thanks so much to everyone who has made this year's event possible.  You guys are the best.

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This week on Sega Addicts, we discuss Last Battle and how it would have been so much better if it involved Fist of the North Sta-oh waaaaait.  We talk about what we'd like to see done with our favorite games in, say, 50 years or so, and spend way too long talking about the dumbest laws and rules that we can think of. (Read: Google with such short notice.)  It's pretty bad that we could have spent the whole 2 hours talking about just that- great job, America!

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This week on Sega Addicts, we discuss the short and sweet (?) arcade brawler, Altered Beast!  We talk about the worst parts of our favorite games, and we share our worst customer service experiences and the joys of retail in general.  BOY do I miss working reta- Bah, I can't even finish that sentence.

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This week on Sega Addicts, we celebrate one of Scotty's favorite games of all time, Saturn Bomberman!  We discuss ideas for fresh twists on common game tropes, have an editorial discussion on Atlus's release, Lost Dimension, and spend a little time remembering our favorite memories involving video games.  As always, we spend way too much time talking about food thanks to Tom.

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This week on Sega Addicts, we talk about Spy Fiction, Access Games and Swery's first shot at an "original" title! We debate passion vs technique, answer a butt-load of listener questions and get to experience the wonder that is Scotty Mo singing with his guitar!

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This week on Sega Addicts, we discuss Ranger X for the Genesis/Mega Drive with good friend and longtime fan of the site, Shig!  We talk about our most comfortable settings for playing video games, spend way too long talking about food-related things again, (Dammit Tom) and share some weird and embarrassing auto-corrects we've fallen victim to.  Isn't technology wonderful?

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This week on Sega Addicts, we talk about the best Dragonball Z game that never came to America, Dragonball Z: Shinbutoden.  We honor Satoru Iwata by discussing some of the great things he's done for the industry as well as some of our favorite games that he's worked on, go on a long tangent about what makes a good supporting cast, and apologize again for messing up on Pockyslice's latest question.  Don't hurt us!

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This week on Sega Addicts, we celebrate Independence Day and all things Murrica by playing- what else? Independence Day for the Sega Saturn!  We discuss establishing character agency in games and spend a bit too much time talking about our favorite soundtracks from eligible video games.  We also screwed up super-bad and due to a misunderstanding, we didn't realize until after we were done recording that Wednesday the 8th is our good friend Pockyslice's birthday!  Sorry for the mix-up- please don't hate us! 

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This week on Sega Addicts, we celebrate the 22nd anniversary of Shining Force by discussing it as our game of the week.  We rant and rave about some of our biggest pet peeves in game design and share our worst vacation stories, though.  With Scotty gone, Elle took up the mantle of trying to put together musical bits for the show, so we'll see how that goes.

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This week on Sega Addicts, to honor the Blue Blur's birthday, we discuss everyone's favorite Sonic game of all time, Sonic Adventure 2.  We think about whether story or gameplay is more important to us and pretty much solidify the fact that none of us that don't already have them need to get tattoos.

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This week on Sega Addicts, we bring you only the highest-quality live coverage from the E3 show floor!  We reveal some unexpected upcoming releases, make friends with a well-known game developer, and freak the hell out when Shenmue 3 gets revealed.  We also discuss our favorite control schemes for games for a short while until we're rudely interrupted by our new best friend!

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This week on Sega Addicts, Scotty and Nick get the short end of the stick by playing the Saturn version of The Lost World: Jurassic Park instead of the Genesis version. We discuss the effects that a game's sound design has had on our experiences, get question-bombed by Tom, (again) and spend a bit too long talking about food. (again)

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This week on Sega Addicts, we get hype for the new Jurassic Park by playing the original Jurassic Park platformer for the Sega Genesis.  We share some of our most satisfying game endings, talk about what games would be improved with the presence of dinosaurs, and Nick threatens to slap people.  A lot.



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This week on Sega Addicts, Brett breaks Scotty while we discuss the stylish classic NiGHTS Into Dreams.  We talk about sequels that we thought surpass the originals, spend entirely too long (or not long enough, depending on how you look at it) talking about good food and things you shouldn't eat, and share our favorite ways to relax. 

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This week on Sega Addicts, we blow Brett's mind while discussing everyone's favorite childhood memory, Sonic Spinball!  We also grumble about Tom Kalinske being a grump, discuss how dangerous horror games would be with VR functionality, and argue half-heartedly about our OTPs.  If that weren't enough, we spend far too long harassing Nick about Full House.  Sorry, Nick.

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This week on Sega Addicts, we discuss possibly one of our most frustrating games yet, Vectorman.  We also weigh in on who our favorite villains are and game crossovers with other media franchises we'd like to see.  If that weren't enough, Tom starts a wonderful tradition of bombarding us with silly questions from beyond the grave.

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This week on Sega Addicts, we say a sad goodbye to Tom by discussing another classic RPG of his choosing- Phantasy Star 4, with special guest Professor Segaface.  We also discuss modern changes that could be made to classic characters to make them more interesting and get perhaps a bit excessively in depth concerning our favorite video game controllers.  We will miss Tom dearly, but rest assured- we haven't seen the last of him.

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This week on Sega Addicts, we're going off the rails on this Crazy... Taxi? We spend some time reminiscing about (and in some cases getting to know) everyone's favorite cabbie simulator. We also get into the rather heated topic of which video game characters should die. There's apparently a LOT of characters we could do without. Who knew?

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This week on Sega Addicts, we spend some quality time talking about everyone's favorite game, Battletoads.  We also swap stats on the games we've spent way too long playing, talk about what motivates us to continue playing certain games, and do a bit of reflecting on what we feel Sega could do to improve their business practices.

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This week on Sega Addicts, we discuss one of Tom's favorite RPGs of all time, Phantasy Star II. We also talk about what whether or not it's possible to implement game over or death screens in a way that enhances a game and think a little too hard on how to make mundane tasks extreeeeeme, as Tak Fujii would put it.

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This week on Sega Addicts, we welcome Brett back to the show by discussing one Sonic's finest moments in recent history, Sonic Generations. We also talk about what it would be like to remove features from certain games and spend way entirely too long converting video game titles into porn titles. Just another day!

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This week on Sega Addicts, we discuss what's considered one of the worst successful games ever, Sonic Adventure.  We talk about games that fooled us with nostalgia glasses, swap weird work stories, and share what fuels our High Velocity Bowling habits while Scotty frowns.

We also forgot to mention what we're playing for the Thursday Night Throwdown this week, which is Persona 4 Arena Ultimax.  See you then!

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This week on Sega Addicts, we're feeling the need for speed.  We discuss Outrun in honor of its shiny new 3D Classics release, discuss our favorite game series that got shot to hell, and share some ideas on how to make free-to-play games more enjoyable.  We also discuss what terrible shenanigans we got into growing up.

Brett didn't happen.  What also didn't happen was us mentioning what we'll be playing for the Thursday Throwdown this week.  We'll be playing Smash Bros for WiiU, so if you'd like to join us, get at us on Twitter or in the comments.

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This week on Sega Addicts, it's time to reactivate the Funkotron.  We discuss the vastly superior Toejam and Earl: Panic on Funkotron, discuss likable character traits and alternatively, the most racist characters in gaming.  Scotty also gives an update on all the cool things we missed by not going to PAX. 

We also say some things we shouldn't.  Again.

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This week on Sega Addicts, we get totally funky! We talk about the Mega Drive classic Toejam and Earl, come up with some dream game / setting combinations, and spend too much time talking about Life is Strange. Hey, if you think you can do better, start your own damn podcast! 

Please don't. Keep listening. I didn't mean that. I love your breakfast. 

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This week on Sega Addicts, we talk about how great Alpha Protocol is, come up with new hit Sega Anime series, and have some explosive opening for Sega Addicts Mania. It's a great time. Also, the header image is unrelated. Eat it, bitches! 

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Sega Addicts Episode 9 - Koala Strip Club

It's the Valentine's Day Special of Sega Addicts probably! Listen in awe as we talk about the Sega weekly news, and overcome our worst first date stories. Also, Tom doesn't host this one, so if you don't like this episode, blame Scotty. 


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Sega Addicts Episode 8.88 - Sega is (not) Dead

This week, in a very special episode of Sega Addicts, Pocky X confesses his love for Flocky, Scotty joins us to talk about Sega's recient press release, and the crew presents a much brighter view of the future than every twitter account LOUDLY proclaiming the death of Sega. Want to find out why? Give it a listen!

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The Sega Addicts are back, and we're oiled up and ready to talk about butts, Cannon Spike, Phantasy Star Online 2, and some really interesting moments in game endings. Also, we talk about HuniePop which I'm sure everyone's dying to hear about. 

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Sega Addicts Episode 6 - The Game of the Year Episode

Have you ever wondered what it would be like if Sega Addicts did a game of the year episode? Wonder no more! Also, you have strangely specific daydreams. Have a laugh as Nick, Brett, Elle, and Tom give their own unique awards designed to make you smile! 

I'm really tired and dont' know what I'm writing anymore. 

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