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This week on Sega Addicts, we talk about Spy Fiction, Access Games and Swery's first shot at an "original" title! We debate passion vs technique, answer a butt-load of listener questions and get to experience the wonder that is Scotty Mo singing with his guitar!

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This week on Sega Addicts, we discuss Ranger X for the Genesis/Mega Drive with good friend and longtime fan of the site, Shig!  We talk about our most comfortable settings for playing video games, spend way too long talking about food-related things again, (Dammit Tom) and share some weird and embarrassing auto-corrects we've fallen victim to.  Isn't technology wonderful?

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This week on Sega Addicts, we talk about the best Dragonball Z game that never came to America, Dragonball Z: Shinbutoden.  We honor Satoru Iwata by discussing some of the great things he's done for the industry as well as some of our favorite games that he's worked on, go on a long tangent about what makes a good supporting cast, and apologize again for messing up on Pockyslice's latest question.  Don't hurt us!

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This week on Sega Addicts, we celebrate Independence Day and all things Murrica by playing- what else? Independence Day for the Sega Saturn!  We discuss establishing character agency in games and spend a bit too much time talking about our favorite soundtracks from eligible video games.  We also screwed up super-bad and due to a misunderstanding, we didn't realize until after we were done recording that Wednesday the 8th is our good friend Pockyslice's birthday!  Sorry for the mix-up- please don't hate us! 

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This week on Sega Addicts, we celebrate the 22nd anniversary of Shining Force by discussing it as our game of the week.  We rant and rave about some of our biggest pet peeves in game design and share our worst vacation stories, though.  With Scotty gone, Elle took up the mantle of trying to put together musical bits for the show, so we'll see how that goes.

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