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On this special 4th of July episode of Sega Addicts, we talk the most patriotic Sega game of all time, After Burner, and how it totally doesn't rip off Top Gun or anything like that!  We share our own version of the founding fathers signing the Declaration of Independence, but with goofy video game characters, and we spend a bit too long making fun of Seinfeld.  What's not to like? (?)

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In this episode of Sega Addicts, special guest @Chumsknifeblade joins us to discuss a Sega classic featuring the smarmiest, smuggest kid ever, Kid Chameleon!  We share genres of games that we suck at but love anyway, talk about some of our favorite cover songs, and laugh at some guy's ultimate misfortune of having his house burn WHILE it's being taken by a flood.  RIP in pieces, probable meth lab.

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On this episode of Sega Addicts, Nick the prodigal son returns to discuss Deep Duck Trouble with Donald Duck!  We discuss whether or not a story can have a satisfying ending while still leaving room for a sequel, reveal Nick's true identity as a teenage girl in a skin suit, and spend way too long talking about Pop-Tarts and sharing the truth about the Great Toaster Pastry War of 2680.

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On this episode of Sega Addicts, we're proud to present our completely, 1000% legitimate and true E3 coverage!  We announce the hypest games you've never seen, discuss when games have legitimately made us stupid, and talk about Teen Witch more than any grown men should.

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