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Brett, Nick, and Scotty are here to talk to you about time travel. And the only way to do it is with the help of rage, confusion, and a healthy dose of Sega civil war. That's right it's SONIC CD! The dudes go in deep with talk of the Sonic CD's history, the obvious soundtrack discussion, and how the game reminds them of Mario Kart.

But the time travel discussion doesn't stop there! Bruce Willis and Joseph Gordon-Levitt help the Addicts get through the Questionarium and answer some questions from the previous Game of the Year episode (sorry we missed them last week!).

Fair warning for those who have not yet played any Resident Evil 7 that the boys spoil the first hour or so. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.

"Heads up Jake..."

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And hey! If you missed out on the insanity that was our special live edition of our 100th podcast episode you can always swing by our YouTube page to check it out as well as any other streams we have posted.

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Audio version of Yakuza 0 First Impressions

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Finally, the moment we've all been waiting for.  Yakuza 0's release is on the horizon, with Kiwami and Yakuza 6 following not far behind.  In this incredible Year of Yakuza, we've all been waiting with bated breath to see just what Sega of Japan has in store for us, so let's cut right to the chase, shall we? 

Kazuma Kiryu is back and reliving his golden days as a fresh young Dojima Family grunt in his newest adventure. Starting from the very bottom of the food chain, Kazuma finds himself working as hired muscle collecting delinquent payments (i.e. beating the living tar out of debtors) for local loan sharks.  Everything changes after one such collection, when his target winds up dead and the Family's none too happy with the prospect of having a murder pinned on them as a result of Kiryu's actions.  It's up to Kazuma to tackle the seedy, fluorescent-colored underbelly of Kamurocho in order to prove his innocence and get to the bottom of what really happened to this seemingly random businessman.

Don't let those neon lights dazzle you, though- there's plenty to do in 1980s Kamurocho.  Between Club Sega, bar activities like darts and karaoke, learning new techniques and fighting styles, and sampling the lovely ladies that the hostess clubs have to offer, players will have their work cut out for them trying to complete everything there is to do.  This is, of course, on top of running a successful racket of your own, which already promises to keep your hands full. Not enough, you say? Fortunately for you, Yakuza 0 isn’t limited to just one character or even one city!  Goro Majima joins the fun and has a manic city of his own to manage in the form of Sotenbori, where there's yet another racket to run and even more on the side to keep you occupied.

By now, you may be wondering how it is that running successful businesses could be important in a brawler game.  What would you say if I told you that the success of your business could be vital to your survival and success in the main game itself?  "That makes no sense," you might say, but it's true- the amount of money you're able to earn determines how powerful you become and, more importantly, how quickly.  No more earning experience to beef up your characters- now, instead of spending skill points, players will spend their hard-earned cash to invest in themselves and unlock new skills and abilities.  No business sense?  No problem! Our heroes can earn their fortune by how well they do in fights as well, earning potentially large sums of cash by putting on a flashy, destructive show of dispatching the local hostiles.  Sure, money can't buy happiness, but it comes pretty close when it's used to directly impact how quickly and brutally you're able to destroy your enemies.

Let's not get so wrapped up in this world of fast money and faster women that we forget about the story, though.  I won't be spoiling anything in this piece or in the full review, but I can say for certain that Yakuza 0's story is shaping up to be stronger than Yakuza 5's was.  Every two chapters, players will switch between Kiryu and Majima, two young, relatively unknown grunts hoping to make it big in the Yakuza underworld, each with their own problems and power struggles to get swept up in.  As it doesn't build on any of the existing story surrounding our heroes, Yakuza 0 has the special privilege of serving as a perfect jump-off point for anybody contemplating trying the series out, and it makes a great opportunity to get to know some very important characters before Yakuza Kiwami, the HD remake of the very first game in the series, comes out in the West later this year.

Yakuza 0 releases for the Playstation 4 on January 24th.  Check back here on January 19th for our full review of the latest title in the well-beloved Yakuza series!

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Awwwww yeah, we're partying like it's Episode 99...  because it... is.  YEP.  NAILED IT.

We'll hitting episode 100 and causing some utter pandemonium on January 9th at 9:30EST with a LIVE PODCAST TWITCH STREAM where we will be playing Anarchy Reigns on PS3, and we want YOU to be a part of it! We will have an open lobby and answer all the listener questions you can throw at us LIVE, along with others you can Tweet to us right now using the hashtag #SegaAddicts100. Dare I say it will be... ANARCHY?

This week, Brett, Scotty, and Elle discuss the latest Phantasy Star Online game to be prolific in the Americas, Phantasy Star Universe for XBox 360!  We ponder whether or not we live in too instantaneous of a world, with the proliferation of social media and the like, to be able to take the time to enjoy a game at our own pace, and Elle drops some relevant knowledge on how to avoid spoilers on Twitter, and to top it all off, we play second fiddle to those McGriddles.

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As much as we didn't want to admit it (well everyone except Brett), this discussion was inevitable. One of the most infamous games in a Sega Addict's library, Sonic the Hedgehog from the year 2006, better known as Sonic '06 claims us as its victims this week. Nick, Brett, and Scotty discuss Sonic '06 in great detail and disdain, while Brett tries to convince Scotty that it is actually a good game in what may be one of our most emotional episodes to date.

We also talk about games and series we believe should die better deaths, be brought back from the dead, or just die - and actually get into a lengthy discussion about that as well! This whole show is a great length for any holiday traveling over the weekend!

Because we felt we discussed Sonic '06 enough in the main portion of the show, we took the extra talk of the plot and threw it at the end of the recording for anyone interested in that 25 minutes of laughter, pain, and confusion. Spoilers: Scotty was continually baffled over every decision involving Sonic, Elise, and whatever the heck Solaris is. Help us.

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This week on Sega Addicts, we play yet another wonderful (?) licensed movie game, Thor: God of Thunder for the Wii!  We share some collective hype over Sega Nerds' new Mega Visions magazine, Sonic Mania, and other cool Sega stuff on the horizon, and- wait.  How long's it been since we've been able to say THAT?  Holy HELL.  We also discuss reference points in media that we compare new shows or games to and come to the realization that we're all really, REALLY weird people.

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This week on Sega Addicts, we do something a little different with the first edition of the newly-dubbed Sega Addicts Book Club to celebrate Halloween!  In this edition, we perform for you the beloved (?) fanfiction Sonic the Hedgehog: World War 2 Dragon.  I... Don't even know what else there is to say about this.  Enjoy!

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On this episode of Sega Addicts, we discuss everyone's favorite Game Gear series, Poker Face Paul's Blackjack! (and its partner games)  We share games or stories that lead us on or gave us a false sense of what they were about and mourn the death of Chie Satonaka and Rachel Alucard!  Join us on Friday for our super-special Halloween special!

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On this episode of Sega Addicts, we discuss the oddly-hype Tennis 2K2! (known across the pond as Virtua Tennis 2) We share times when games have zig-zagged our expectations, talk some games we didn't expect to suck you in so well and be so fun, and are slightly puzzled by the suggestion that Sega HASN'T made a Mario Tennis clone yet.  They have, but it wasn't great.

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