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This week on Sega Addicts, special guest @PockySlice joins us to talk some animated sticker nonsense with Wacky Worlds Creativity Studio for the Genesis!  We discuss whether mods and glitches add to or take away gameplay, actually get excited over the news this week, and discuss how we'd take a game or franchise we hate and make them playable in between bouts of rage- so just a regular Monday night for us!

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This week on Sega Addicts, the gang's (mostly) all here to (somewhat) proudly present the 2015 Game of the Year award show... podcast... THING.  We share some special personal awards, discuss what a good/bed year 2015 has been for games and the industry, and last but not least share awards that we voted on as a group!  Here's to a fun-filled 2016, and we hope you don't hate us by the end of it.

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This week on Sega Addicts, the mysterious Pocky X joins us to discuss Zillion, a real gem for the Master System!  We share our best worst game purchases, get hype for the upcoming Game of the Year episode, and experience the pure joy that is Tom answering his own crazy questions. 

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